What Would Happen If You Didn’t Give Up?

What Happens If I Don’t Give Up?

Have you ever been to the point of wanting to give up?

When you’ve gone through a series of struggles, trials, tribulations and just want to say “enough, I give”?

When you feel like you’ve fought the good fight, done your best, and simply stopped fighting and sat down?

Then looked back and wondered to yourself

“I wonder where I’d be now if I hadn’t given up”?

I will be the first to say that yes, there are times when surrendering in the face of overwhelming circumstances is the best course of action. But surrendering and giving up are two different things.

Surrendering is to abandon oneself entirely (to a powerful emotion or influence); give into

Giving Up is to cease making an effort; resign oneself to failure

Do you see the difference?

Once I understood the distinction between the two I understood why I felt so awful about those times I gave up!

Giving Up is showing that I have disbelief in myself and what I am capable of. It’s telling myself that nothing will change to make my situation better. And when I look back at the times I did this, I see now what a terrible thing I did to myself!

Why did I give up? Oh my, here’s a partial list of excuses I used:

I’m too tired.
It’s too hard to learn.
I live in the country and only successful people are in the city.
I’m not getting the ‘break’s others get.
That last mistake cost too much!
I’m too old for this.
Any of these familiar to you?

We with a mindset for success chooses to not Give Up.

Instead, we commit to staying the course to achieve the goal, the vision of our business and our life.

What about you? Are you about to Give Up? Are you ready to take a step back, take a breath and say “NO! I will NOT Give Up?”