The Morning Routine Of Successful People

The Morning Routine

There are a few moving parts to our morning routines. And for today, I want to focus on one – Gratitude, on purpose.

I believe that gratitude is a verb. And, while you can definitely feel it at any given moment, those feelings expressed in action can be a powerful force for positive momentum.

I also know that I can affect my thinking from the moment I awaken each morning by saying “Thank You”.

Being able to say “Thank You” when I open my eyes each morning creates a thought of gratitude. And it sets the tone for the day. I do a few basic grooming/hygiene things, get a cup of coffee, kiss the hubby hello, and read a little bit. From there, I take a deep breath and go into my prayer and meditation.

Why say Thank You?

If we can understand that Life is precious, that our days can take a turn for the worse at any moment, that the sunrise of tomorrow is not guaranteed…

We will gain an appreciation for everything around us.
We will be eager to put our action plan – into action.
We will plan things in advance.
We will work harder.
We will give more.
We will act wisely.

Because I know that Life is better when I feel gratitude – deeply – and act grateful – I am glad when I able to see where I have fallen short.

It reminds me that

  1. I am human and on a journey toward becoming more…

  2. and I have room to grow

I encourage you to develop the habit of saying “Thank You” upon awakening, because when you consider the alternative…