Success Occurs When Opportunity Meets Preparation

Success Occurs When Opportunity Meets Preparation

Preparation – doing the work, every day, toward reaching your goal so that when an opportunity appears you can

  1. recognize it

  2. determine that it matches your goal

  3. make a decision quickly whether to seize it or say No because it’s not a good fit

So many people think that preparation is all internal. That it’s a matter of mindset and being spiritually ready for an opportunity.

What about the day to day work?

What about the need to:

hone your skills
master your craft
meet new people
be consistent and persistent about doing the work to reach your goal?

I believe these are vital because they are about action – taking action, gaining momentum, participating in your own success.

I also believe that the mindset and internal work happens as you take action – you will find yourself floundering or feeling inadequate, so you will reach out to others for guidance and learn how to think differently so you feel differently.

What do you think?