Self Improvement and Willingness To Learn

The path of self-improvement is easier to travel and more effective with an attitude of a willingness to learn.

Instead of being angry or frustrated about your failures, you can choose to learn from them.

Instead of bragging about your successes, or worse, becoming complacent about your successes, you can choose to learn from them.

What can you learn?

What helps you.

What holds you back.

What makes you more effective.

With an attitude of being willing to learn you now open the door to mindfulness – full awareness of encounters with others, experiences with people places and things, your joys, your setbacks, and those delightful surprising twists that Life brings to your day.

Beginning Today:

Make the decision to view everything as a valuable opportunity to learn and make each day better than the one before.

Make the decision to review your experience with a trusted advisor, mentor, or friend if you’re unable to be objective and see the lessons.

It’s with this attitude that I was able to move quickly from feeling like a failure into feeling confident that I have learned from the experience and can take that new knowledge into the next project.

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