Just Do It!

I’m in Las Vegas today and at breakfast, the hostess asked me how long I would be here and where I came from. I told her.

Then I told her that in the morning I’m flying to Tampa, then will be on the road … and I listed the cities I would be staying in over the next few weeks.

She was amazed!

She asked, “aren’t you afraid to do this alone?”

Of course, I said “No! Why should I be?”

She said, “I could never do that, too many things can happen to you”.

I told her … “you’ve been watching too much tv”.

She agreed and seated me. I watched her walk away and wondered – a woman in her 50’s who would never travel somewhere on her own. So much she is missing out on. So much she could experience if she thought – just for a moment – that it was possible…then did it.

I think many people ignore the effect that entertainment and news has on our psyche. And by ignoring it, we succumb to the messages we here via television, radio, videos online, books we read.

I know that when I was young, I would dive deep into a book with a strong female character and often would think of her and ask myself “What would she do?” when in a situation I was unfamiliar with. This means that at times I was quite adventurous and other times I was timid. Honestly, I preferred strong-willed, decisive characters

This applies to my reading selections today – it’s why I study books like Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude and Awaken the Giant Within, and for entertainment I read novels with characters that are challenged to do more and be more than they thought they could be (the only fiction I don’t care to read is fantasy).

I enjoy sci-fi movies because inevitably the humans will problem solve their way through every challenge and survive.

On social media I unfollow those who become negative for too long, engage in gossip or criticism instead of helpful feedback.

If you’ve ever heard Garbage In/Garbage Out you know what I’m talking about.

It is astounding how capable we are of being more and doing more … just through our thinking.

Don’t believe me?

Ask yourself: what am I afraid of?
Then ask: why?
Then ask: where’s the evidence that this will actually happen?