Do You Know What Success Looks Like?

What’s your definition of success? Are you clear on what you want to achieve, and most importantly why you want to achieve it?

Is it time for you to change your perspective – adjust your definition of success because your circumstances have changed?

Are you sure about what your success looks like, or are you following someone else’s path?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a societal definition of success and trying to apply that to your own life?

You may want to achieve goals that are the norm in your circle, then again, it could you be you’re not interested in those types of goals.

The key to creating true success is finding your own path and working towards your own goals – the things that are important to you.

Having said that, during a virtual networking meeting I had fellow group member @Chuck Bartok present about getting things done. He offered a simple, direct, reminder about having a Success Perspective. By limiting yourself to accomplishing no more than 3 goals per day, you are able to say you are a success each day when you accomplish any one or all three of those goals.

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