A Mindset for Success Means You Have Habits That Are Helping You

A mindset for success means you either have habits that are helping you…or you are ready to change your habits.

One that requires a bit of self-discipline is to make a small step toward each of your goals each day.

If you’re not used to chunking goals down from quarterly to monthly to weekly to daily – it can be daunting when you first attempt it.

You’ll either create a lot stress for yourself because you have too much on your calendar for the day – or you underestimate your ability to finish something and have too little on the calendar.

Most likely … you have too much because you overestimated what you’re capable of managing. This includes forgetting to make time for interruptions from other people, pets, and surprise visits from tech gremlins.

I recommend that you not have more than 3 “must be done” tasks on your calendar. And that these 3 have a direct impact on the achievement of your goal. Finish one…then the next…then the next. If you must move one to the next day, be certain it is only because you lack resources or are waiting on someone else to do their part before finishing yours.

Other tasks related to running the business – revenue generating activity such as sales efforts, delegating to team members, communicating with customers, reviewing marketing efforts, billing, collections, inventory, taxes, etc. are operational items and should also be on your calendar and will get your full attention when you have finished what needs to be done to move you closer to achieving your goal.